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Preparing For Your First Session

Please download the release waiver below and bring it with you to your first session. 

Please wear old clothes and tennis shoes or boots that can get dirty.

Some things to expect during your sessions:

Previous horse experience is NOT required and you will not be looked down upon or seen as "behind" if you've never been around horses before.

It is normal to feel nervous or scared. Please know that horses aren't mean-spirited.

You might be asked to create certain spaces with props we provide or set up an obstacle course. Your session might not involve props at all. 

All clients will complete several activities on the ground with the horses before any mounted sessions are discussed. 

Helmets are provided and required for all mounted sessions.

Group sessions may complete activities as a whole or be broken up into pairs or trios to complete activities. 

Sessions are held outside. While we have indoor activities for rainy days, the barn is not insulated so dress appropriately for the current season.

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